Hello! My name is Aaron and I an honours student at UNSW. This website is a wiki of my personal mathematics notes, originally written in Obsidian.


This website only contains about \(22\%\) of my notes due to some notes being partially complete and thus not suitable for publishing, or because I simply haven't gotten around to marking notes as ready for publishing yet. As such, many links throughout this site (the ones in a darker purple colour) are dead.


The purpose for these notes for me, is to be able to have explanations for material that I have learnt so that as I inevitably forget things I can quickly relearn them, and because forcing myself to write clear explanations and proofs for results, which link to other ideas, clarifies them in my thinking. I've made these notes available as a website because I've had colleagues ask me to share parts of my collection of notes with them, and this is a convenient way.

See the style guide for the list of guidelines I have written for myself on writing good education focused mathematical explanations which motivate these notes.

Here are some notes of varying length and complexity which I think represent the clarity of explanation I am aiming for:


Because notes can't clearly be put into mutually exclusive categories, I rely on contents pages instead of folders to find things. Here is a list of undergraduate and honours subjects I have taken (or plan to take), each of which is a link to the contents page for that subject.


If you spot any mistakes on any notes and would like to issue a correction please get in touch. Such corrections are greatly appreciated, but of course, not expected. Eventually I will set up a more suitable system for this which allows suggesting specific edits on specific pages, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I make no promises of the correctness of the notes here. I obviously try to make sure things are correct, however I am a student, not an expert, and these notes are designed primarily to help me learn and remember material.